“The Lord has made the heavens his throne; from there he rules over everything.”

Psalm 103:19

“A young boy named James had a dream to be the most famous manufacturer and salesman of cheese in the world. He planned on becoming rich and famous by making and selling cheese. He began his career with a little wagon pulled by a pony named Paddy. After making his cheese, he would load his wagon and drive down the streets of Chicago to sell the cheese. As the months passed, the young boy was not making any money.

One day he pulled his pony to a stop. He said, ‘Paddy, there is something wrong. I am afraid our priorities are not correct. Maybe we ought to serve God and place him first in our lives.’ The boy drove home and made a covenant that for the rest of his life that he would first serve God and work as God directed him.

Many years after this, the young boy, now a man, stood as Sunday School Superintendent at North Shore Baptist Church in Chicago and said, ‘I would rather be in the North Shore Baptist Church than to head the greatest corporation in America. My first job is serving Jesus and to serve Him because He is in charge.’

So, every time you take a bite of cheese remember a boy, his pony named Paddy, and the promise little James L. Kraft  made to God ”

Because God is in charge we need to understand that we were created for one thing: that is to serve Him with all our hearts. 

God created us because it pleased Him to do so.

“You are worthy, O Lord our God,  to receive glory and honor and power. For you created all things, and they exist because you created what you pleased.”

Revelation 4:11

So the question is: are your priorities correct?  Is God in charge of your life?